Work so far


Pieter started as independent entrepreneur in March of 2014. Below follows a selection of jobs and assigments since then.

Organisations Pieter has taken on consultancies for include:

HIVOS (Report)

Triodos Investment Management (Event Facilitator)

Natural Capital Coalition (Interim Executive Director)

UNEP (Dialogue Chair)

European Environment Bureau (Dialogue Chair)

Oxfam (Fair-Banking Initiative – advice on structure)

FMO (Interim Head of Sustainability and Development Impact)

Triodos Bank (Event Facilitator)

Initiative Trustone (Chair)

International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) (Consultancy)

The Netherlands International Responsible Investment Agreement for the Pension Funds (Chair)

CLA Housing Services – Collective Labour Agreement for the Housing Corporations in the Netherlands (Chair)

Dutch Financial Sector Climate Commitment (Chair of Stakeholder Dialogues)