How can Niet Onverschillig help you?

1) Strategy and Policy Development

Is your organisation looking for a positive impact on society (prioritising sustainability)? Would you like to set ambitious goals? Does fear for reputational damage when communicated goals are not met hamper you? Or do you simply not know what to do in support of sustainability objectives?

I offer organisations that want to move forward on sustainability a package that:

  • Helps understand what blocks progress on adopting sustainability goals
  • Helps formulate relevant goals that help strengthen the business and position the organisation solidly for a sustainable future
  • Helps understand your own business case for sustainability measures from a market-perspective and a capital-perspective.
  • Finds help for achieving your goals in a broad field of stakeholders
  • Structures and facilitates internal processes to develop the appropriate policies
  • Structures and facilitates an external stakeholder consultation process, including a feedback system.
  • Helps internalise the importance of implementing the policy, including through incentive-systems.

2) Reputational Issue Management

Your reputation is, if not the most important, certainly one of the most important assets of your organisation. Do you have full control over your reputation and the issues that threaten it? Managing your reputation requires a strong pro-active positive communications strategy. Through letting the world know what you contribute to its well-being, you build your reputation. 

Sometimes things go wrong and an issue emerges that undermines all the work you have done in building a positive reputation. Usually organisations go into panic-mode pulling out staff-resources and monopolising the time of the executives. With a strong issue-management process in place, you will not panic but professionally and actively manage the issue, helping you protect your reputation and deal with the issue at once.

I offer you a package that includes:

  • An evaluation of your issue-preparedness
  • A system to manage your issues that is responsive to the severity-level of the issue and ensures internal alignment, an efficient and effective use of staff-resources and ideally prevent issues from becoming a reputational problem in the first place
  • A training for all relevant staff that increases their ability to recognise an issue when it emerges, understand the nuances involved in preparing an appropriate response, and recognises the role of staff departments such as communications in managing an issue.

3) Stakeholder Management

Organisations may well be underway in talking to their stakeholders, understanding their needs and expectations and developing business-appropriate responses. These dialogues with stakeholders require proper facilitation. Often proper feedback to dialogue participants is missing, or the organisation does not structurally address internally all issues raised with either policy changes or an evidenced denial of the request.

I offer organisations interested in stakeholder dialogue:

  • Support in setting up the dialogue
  • Facilitation of the actual meetings
  • Facilitation of a process to decide on the organisation’s response to issues raised in the dialogue and a system of feedback to dialogue participants.