How can Niet Onverschillig help you?

1) Make effective use of your network
Is your organisation looking for a positive impact on society (prioritising sustainability)? You will need people that will join you in your efforts. Niet Onverschillig can help you broaden your network, and make it an integral part of achieving your goals.

2) Get your stakeholders enthousiastic
People wil run faster if they want to do so themselves. An exciting potential or outcome of your work should be central in what you offer your stakeholders. Are you fulfilling their wishes next to yours? Niet Onverschillig can help you find the exciting potential of your work.

3) Make your meetings worthwhile
You were able to fill the room with people and only three speak? If so, you missed the knowledge, perspectives and insights of all the other participants. Niet Onverschillig wants to help you make your meetings worth visiting and worth organising to you. Maximise your meetings’ outcomes by discovering what each participant has brought to it.